Addis Ababa Water Supply (Stage IIIA)




Addis Ababa Water and Water and Environment and Sewerage Authority


Water and Water and Environment
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The Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority improved and expanded the water supply to Addis Ababa through implementation of a scheme to obtain water from a new catchment area. The project included construction of two zoned earth fill dams with ungated spillways in the upper catchment of the Blue Nile, a pipeline to a water treatment plant, an inter-catchment tunnel and a new balancing reservoir above the city. SMEC was an associate of the lead consultant, provided design services and prepared tender documents for the dams, raw water pipelines, water treatment plant, tunnel, service reservoirs, treated water pipelines and access roads. SMEC also reviewed and updated earlier environmental and sociological studies and prepared environmental and sociological mitigation plans.