Preparation of Investment Sub-Projects in Mbeya City and Mtwara Municipality




Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government


Buildings, Urban and Social Development and Local Government
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These sub-projects were part of the Tanzania Strategic Cities Project (TSCP).  The objective of the TSCP was to improve basic urban infrastructure and services in seven selected urban Local Government areas in Tanzania. The works for the Mbeya City Council included upgrade of 35km of existing roads, bridge construction, bus and lorry parking areas, 3km of access roads for an existing solid waste disposal site and acquisition of solid waste management equipment. The works for the Mtwara Municipal Council included upgrade of 25km of existing roads, provision of street lights, development of recreational parks, and construction of 45 solid waste collection centres and a solid waste disposal site. SMEC undertook project preparation, including preparation of preliminary designs, cost estimates, final bidding documents and an implementation schedule; Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; and preparation of Environmental Management Plans, Resettlement Action Plans and Indigenous Peoples Development Plans.