Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transport Infrastructure




Tanzania National Roads Agency


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SMEC was engaged by the Tanzania National Roads Agency as a Civil Engineering Supervision Consultant on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. BRT is an integrated transport program designed by the Dar es Salaam City Council to reduce traffic congestion and improve citywide public transport services. The project included the development of a high-quality, low-cost public transportation system comprising a network of 13 km of busway (with approximately 220 km of feeder roads) developed over six phases.

Project works included: segregated and priority bus lanes; boarding stations; pedestrian overpasses (for safe access to stations); pedestrian and local access facilities; and the intersection of bus lanes with major roads.

SMEC’s services included: fulfilment of World Bank selection criteria; assistance in bid evaluation; obtaining design approval from relevant authorities; quality and progress control; construction supervision; performance testing and commissioning; developing and implementing contract management systems; and capacity building.