Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transport Infrastructure (Phase One)




Tanzania National Roads Agency


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SMEC is providing construction supervision for phase one of this project which includes construction of 20.9km of busway, terminals, depots, feeder stations and service relocations. Upon completion, the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) will be a high-quality low-cost public transport system operating on specialised infrastructure. The infrastructure will include 137km of busways, 220km of feeder roads, segregated and prioritised bus lanes, boarding stations every 500 to 700m, bus terminals, pedestrian overpasses, bikeways and pedestrian and local access facilities. SMEC’s services include: pre-qualification of contractors, evaluation of bids, preparation of contract documents, design review to ensure technical soundness, supervision of the works contract to ensure compliance with the approved specifications, review of the proposed traffic deviations during construction and supervision of maintenance activities during the Defect Liability Period.