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Mill Park Lakes is located immediately north of the City of Whittlesea in Melbourne. It comprises 1,600 residential lots, junior and senior schools, a village centre and public open space. In collaboration with Melbourne Water and the City of Whittlesea, the Mill Park Lakes wetlands were designed to embrace the following objectives: capture stormwater run-off from the upstream catchment and treat it to reduce nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment prior to discharging downstream; produce wetlands that improved water quality and provided a recreational facility for residents; and provide a habitat that is conducive to flora and fauna. The construction of Mill Park Lakes involved the excavation of 500,000m³ of earth at a cost of AU$7 million, making it Melbourne’s largest artificial wetlands project. The wetlands are fed by three floodways which are designed to replicate a natural water course. Aquatic planting has been established in the base of the floodway which also performs a water quality improvement function. SMEC provided engineering and planning services.