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SMEC aligns local knowledge with global expertise to address the needs of its diverse client base, and has delivered thousands of projects in more than 100 countries, including Afghanistan.

Today, SMEC delivers high quality technical services for the lifecycle of a project and provides consultancy services to a broad range of sectors including:

SMEC has operated in Afghanistan since 1993. SMEC's first project in Afghanistan was a transport rehabilitation study. The project involved the preparation of an Action Plan for immediate rehabilitation of the transport sector in Afghanistan with particular reference to roads. A permanent office was opened in Kabul in 2005, reflecting SMEC's experience in the Transport, Water, Energy, and Education, Governance and Government Advisory sectors in Afghanistan.

Since then, SMEC has been involved in an integrated water resource management program for the Balkh River, community flood management improvement in the Takhar province, preparation of detailed engineering designs for a number of road rehabilitation projects and independent administrative reform for the Civil Service Commission.

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