Date Title
14 Jul 2016 SMEC to Upgrade High-Traffic Bridge in Melbourne, Australia
14 Jul 2016 Sydney Trains’ Major Works Central Hub
14 Jul 2016 SMEC Secures Design Contract on Pacific Highway Upgrade
14 Jul 2016 SMEC Awarded Design and Construction of Major Bridge in Zambia
14 Jul 2016 SMEC Improves Flood Estimations in Papua New Guinea
14 Jul 2016 SMEC Increases Freeway Capacity in Free State, South Africa
14 Jul 2016 SMEC to Deliver Free-Flow Motorway in Adelaide, Australia
15 Jul 2016 SMEC Investigates Major River Crossing in Papua New Guinea
15 Jul 2016 SMEC Provides Verification Services on Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Assess Feasibility of Catchwater Systems in Hong Kong
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Design Ocean Drive Upgrade in New South Wales
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Upgrade 60+ Bridges in Western Bangladesh
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Support Modernisation of Irrigation Systems in India
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Design Access Roads to Matarbari Power Project in Bangladesh
15 Jul 2016 SMEC Supports Flood Rehabilitation in Pakistan
15 Jul 2016 SMEC Supports Irrigation Rehabilitation Schemes in Ghana
15 Jul 2016 SMEC Assesses Hydropower Feasibility in Papua New Guinea
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Design Water Treatment Plant in Malawi
15 Jul 2016 SMEC to Modernise Irrigation and Drainage Systems in Kazakhstan
15 Jul 2016 SMEC Supports Sustainable Electricity Development in Nigeria
20 Jul 2016 SMEC Increases Grain Terminal Capacity in Indonesia
20 Jul 2016 SMEC Continues Management of Indonesian Economic Partnership
20 Jul 2016 SMEC wins at Australia India Business Council (AIBC) Awards
22 Jul 2016 SMEC Improves ENR International Design Firm Ranking
11 Aug 2016 SMEC South Africa Board Member Receives Africa Achievement Awards
01 Sep 2016 SMEC and Surbana Jurong Grow Global Footprint
07 Sep 2016 SMEC Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals
16 Sep 2016 Brisbane City Enterprises Integrates into SMEC Local Government
05 Oct 2016 SMEC Develops Master Plan for an Oil and Gas Industrial Park in Uganda
14 Oct 2016 SMEC Wins Preliminary Design Contract in South Africa
21 Oct 2016 SMEC to Undertake Study on Major Industrial Project in South Africa
02 Nov 2016 One SMEC Q3 is out now!
07 Nov 2016 SMEC Helps to Improve Internet Access Across Asia, Africa and Europe
10 Nov 2016 SMEC and Surbana Jurong Win First Joint Project in Africa
16 Nov 2016 SMEC Wins Innovative Road Design Project in Melbourne, Australia
21 Nov 2016 SMEC's Annual Review Now Available
21 Nov 2016 SMEC Corporate Video
28 Nov 2016 SMEC's Success at SAICE Awards, South Africa
08 Dec 2016 SMEC Wins Contract for Newcastle Light Rail Project, Australia
22 Dec 2016 SMEC Wins Contract for Brisbane’s Inner City Bypass Upgrade, Australia
19 Jan 2017 SMEC Wins Major Transport Project in Queensland, Australia
18 Feb 2017 SMEC Wins Solid Waste Management Pilot Scheme Study in Nigeria
01 Mar 2017 ONE SMEC Now Available
04 Mar 2017 SMEC South Africa Signs New Partnership
24 Mar 2017 SMEC to Assess Electricity Generation in Sierra Leone
28 Mar 2017 PDR Engineers Joins SMEC in Milestone Acquisition
26 Apr 2017 SMEC Helps to Protect Endangered Species in Indonesia