Gold/Copper Mine Maintenance Optimisation

Technical Area:
Resources & Industry

Project Overview

SMEC’s client is a major mining company with significant Gold/Copper mine operations in the south west of the USA that accounts for one-third of the client’s worldwide gold production. Employing approximately 500 staff, the mine’s main product is gold.

OUR Role

SMEC’s primary objective was to optimise the Maintenance function and its support to the business through increased planning capabilities and delivered:

  • Review of maintenance plans, task list and BOMs with planners
  • All SAP data downloaded for client review and updated prior to completion in actual system
  • Functional location set for deletion, with all work orders, maintenance plans and task lists relocated to the next appropriate location
  • Crushing, grinding, flotation, filtering, reagent mixing, leaching and met lab processes:
    • A total of 10,007 productive units existed for these processes with maintainable items
    • 40 productive unit functional locations were inactivated and set for deletion
    • 98 level five productive functional locations created
    • 28 maintainable item functional locations created
    • 4509 maintainable item functional locations inactivated and set for deletion
    • 476 new assemblies created
    • 920 assemblies added to the correct level five or six functional locations for BOM creation
    • 97 assembly descriptions updated to match functional location manufacture and model
    • 17 new manufacture and model numbers created
    • 88 productive unit functional locations verified in plant for correct manufacturer and model references
    • 54 productive functional locations renamed to divide 52 cyclones into two separate packs.


Emilio Sarno Vice President North America, Asset Management +1 647 618 8014