Corporate Social Responsibility

People, Community, and Sustainability and Environment are the three focus areas of SMEC’s Corporate Social Responsibility framework.



People are the core of our business, and their skills, experience and energy are the drivers of SMEC’s success. We are committed to the recruitment, development and engagement of a diverse and high-performing employee base.

We strive to promote a positive work environment for all employees and clients, and understand that the diverse perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles and cultures of our employees are a strength for SMEC.

Workplace Health and Safety

Safety is one of SMEC's core values, and the safety of our people is a key priority. We are committed to embedding a culture of safety within the Company and maintaining a working environment in which risk to health and safety is unacceptable. This is achieved through the provision of safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, contractors, visitors and the general public.

Zero Harm Culture

We aim to develop a workplace that eliminates the risk of serious harm to any person affected by SMEC's business activities. We strive to continuously increase safety awareness throughout the Company and have implemented policies, procedures and guidelines to measure progress towards our zero harm objectives.

Safety in Design

At SMEC, we invest in our people to enhance their knowledge and improve the implementation of safety principles in the design and delivery of projects. Working with our clients and employees, we facilitate safety in design training and awareness programs covering local legislation requirements, potential cost savings and the ability to eliminate or reduce hazards



We are committed to operating in a manner which promotes community engagement and sustainability, and actively engage in community development through the SMEC Foundation.

The SMEC Foundation operates with the philosophy that a small amount of money spent wisely can produce far-reaching social and economic benefits.

Through the adoption of a localisation model, we invest in local operations and nurture local talent. This increases the skill level of employees in the communities in which we operate and increases SMEC’s local capacity to deliver projects.


Sustainability and Environment

At SMEC, we are committed to embedding sustainability principles throughout the business.

We strive to undertake all project and office activities in an environmentally responsible manner, and to identify, manage and mitigate any risks that may impact negatively on the environment.

We continue to improve our understanding of the sources, scope and extent of our resource use, and are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our offices, and reducing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions generated by SMEC’s operations.

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SMEC Sustainability Report 2017

Publication date: March 2017

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SMEC Foundation Review 2017

Publication date: January 2017

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