SMEC Rwanda

SMEC aligns local knowledge with global expertise to address the needs of its diverse client base, and has delivered thousands of projects in more than 100 countries, including Rwanda.

Today, SMEC delivers high quality technical services for the lifecycle of a project and provides consultancy services to a broad range of sectors including:

SMEC has operated in Rwanda since 2011, and established a permanent office in Kigali in 2013.

SMEC’s project experience in Rwanda includes: design and engineering on the Nyabarongo Power Station, currently the largest hydropower installation project ever undertaken in Rwanda; an environmental assessment for a 400 kV power transmission line from Iringa to Mbeya, connecting Tanzania and Rwanda; and the preparation of sanitation master plans for the Huye, Muhanga and Rwamagana on behalf of the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority.

More recently, SMEC has completed a detailed technical study of existing weighbridge stations; and has commenced sustainable land management as part of the Land husbandry, Water harvesting and Hillside irrigation Project, with the aim of improving the agricultural system in Rwanda.

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