SMEC has operated in Bangladesh since 1977. SMEC's first project in Bangladesh was an aid mission involving road design and implementation of road construction equipment. A permanent office was opened in Dhaka in 1978.

SMEC (Bangladesh) Ltd was established in 1998 to provide domestic support and local firm, ACE Consultants, was acquired in 2002 to operate as an independent subsidiary in Bangladesh.

Since then, SMEC has been involved in a railway sector improvement project, provided consulting services for the integrated flood protection project, conducted a study to assess the effectiveness of the organisational and management structure of the rural electrification project and provided consulting services for improvement of the drainage channels in Dhaka City.

SMEC has experience in the Transport, Water, Hydropower and Energy, Environment and Government and Advisory Services sectors in Bangladesh. SMEC was recently engaged by Chevron Bangladesh to carry out environmental impact studies for proposed natural gas fields and gas compression plants in northern Bangladesh including: Block 7 Exploratory Drilling Project in Kajal; the Jalalabad 3D Seismic Project; the Bibyana North Pad Erosion Control Project; and the Muchai Compression Project.

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