Asset Management

SMEC's extensive industry experience, and delivery of seamless 'whole of life' asset management services, provides productivity improvements to clients operating across a broad range of industry sectors.

Through a focused and dedicated Asset Management function (formerly branded as GMC Global), SMEC provides the optimum balance between risk, performance and cost for asset management clients operating in the following sectors: Transport; Hydropower and Energy; Water and Environment; Urban and Social Development; Resources; and Industrial and Manufacturing.

SMEC’s asset management services are complemented by extensive engineering expertise, allowing asset management solutions to be developed and incorporated at one or every stage of a development’s life cycle, including: design, planning, construction, commissioning, and operations and maintenance phases. This differentiates SMEC from other asset management consulting service providers. In addition, SMEC offers extensive experience in the development of a number of bespoke asset management software tools. SMEC can assist with the deployment of complete systems implementation, targeted improvement programs or small individual projects. 

SMEC delivers: 

  • Asset management services for ‘whole of life’ project developments
  • An exclusively designed suite of tools
  • Increased throughput from improved equipment availability and process reliability
  • Reduced costs (capital and operating)
  • Sustainable improvements through coaching, increased safety and welfare of people
  • Reduced risk to the environment and communities
  • Return on investment for clients      
SMEC’s asset management capabilities extend across the full transport sector.
SMEC’s Energy asset management services span the full value chain.
SMEC offers a full spectrum of asset management services to support the sustainable development of water and environmental infrastructure.
SMEC’s asset management software allows road custodians to select the most appropriate works program.
SMEC provides asset management services to assist clients in effectively managing mining, oil and gas production and processing assets worldwide.
SMEC’s asset management services cover the full spectrum of industrial and manufacturing products, materials, services, processes and systems.