Asset Management

SMEC's extensive industry experience, and delivery of seamless 'whole of life' asset management services, provides productivity improvements to clients operating across a broad range of industry sectors.

Through a focused and dedicated Asset Management function (formerly branded as GMC Global), SMEC provides the optimum balance between risk, performance and cost for asset management clients operating in the following sectors: Transport; Hydropower and Energy; Water and Environment; Urban and Social Development; Resources; and Industrial and Manufacturing.

SMEC’s asset management services are complemented by extensive engineering expertise, allowing asset management solutions to be developed and incorporated at one or every stage of a development’s life cycle, including: design, planning, construction, commissioning, and operations and maintenance phases. This differentiates SMEC from other asset management consulting service providers. In addition, SMEC offers extensive experience in the development of a number of bespoke asset management software tools. SMEC can assist with the deployment of complete systems implementation, targeted improvement programs or small individual projects. 

SMEC delivers: 

  • Asset management services for ‘whole of life’ project developments
  • An exclusively designed suite of tools
  • Increased throughput from improved equipment availability and process reliability
  • Reduced costs (capital and operating)
  • Sustainable improvements through coaching, increased safety and welfare of people
  • Reduced risk to the environment and communities
  • Return on investment for clients