We are delighted to announce a momentous achievement that signifies a paradigm shift in the construction of Water Supply Tanks. For the first time in India, as part of the esteemed Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme by the Government of India, a pre-cast overhead water tank has been successfully erected in Karnataka.

The SMEC team played a pivotal role in the conceptualization, review, and approval of the designs for these groundbreaking tanks. Today, the SMEC team at the Karnataka PMU takes immense pride in witnessing the realization of one of the designs they meticulously reviewed. Their valuable design inputs, spanning from the foundation to staging, precast combined tank wall-base slab, and precast domes, were vetted and approved, leading to a successful implementation.


The first tank of 25 m3 capacity and 12m staging has been successfully cast and erected by the contractor in October’2023. This marks a significant milestone in this project’s journey as the contractor’s scope includes casting and erecting 685 tanks over the span of next 11 months.


The SMEC Karnataka PMU team is proud of its achievement as they were instrumental in the conceptualisation of the pre-cast RCC tank idea early on with the contractor, and subsequent guidance given during review of Contractor’s designs. The team worked hand-in-hand with the contractor, their designers, the PMC as well as the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – the agency appointed by the Department of for vetting of structural designs – during the review, and approval of monolithic reinforced cement concrete pre-cast water tanks of capacities of 10 m3, 25m3, 50 m3, 75m3 with water depth up to 4.5m and staging height of 7.5m, 9.0m & 12m. This type of construction significantly reduces the construction time and increases the quality of construction. Several rounds of discussions took place between contractor and PMU to finalize concept model, design requirement, construction methodology and practicality. The team has given value additions to the designs such as monolithic casting of water tanks and base slab without joints, shear keys to resist wind load, seismic oscillations, openings for pipe inlets and outlets, analysis of stresses during transport and lifting, monolithic pre-cast domes for diameters up to 5.4 m to list a few.


SMEC India has a dedicated team of over 30 technical, professionals providing service to the Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Department – the nodal agency of Government of Karnataka implementing the Jal Jeevan Mission schemes in the State. The team is rendering their service in the scrutiny of preliminary scheme designs, detailed project reports & cost estimates for over 150 projects till date with estimated cost of over USD 32 Bn. The supports the Department in the review and approval water supply project design, drawings and specifications, checking of structural designs, drawings and specifications, preparation of tender documents for roll-out of projects, preparation of financial model, creation of water data dashboard, co-ordination with stakeholder’s department, handholding the department, etc.