Testament to SMEC South Africa's dedication to community development and education is its recent partnership with Letcee (Little Elephant Training Centre) in the rural Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Letcee is a non-profit organisation dedicated to continually enhancing the quality of Early Childhood Development (ECD) services in the communities it serves.

Letcee’s comprehensive programmes encompass accredited ECD practitioners’ training, providing access to learning and resources, and offering essential social services to strengthen families and communities, ultimately benefiting the children involved. With a remarkable reach of 6 200 children, 420 play facilitators and 383 registered students, Letcee’s impact is tangible and transformative.


The recent funding contribution from SMEC South Africa will be directed towards Letcee’s Play-Able Project. This initiative facilitates inclusive play sessions for 25 children with special needs. The mobile toy library, a key component of the project, is equipped with toys, educational materials and therapy resources, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.


A notable aspect of the Play-Able Project is the inclusion of a physiotherapist, who attends to the specific needs of the children. This professional not only crafts adaptive equipment but also implements a home exercise programme in collaboration with caregivers. Group play sessions and transportation to local clinics for rehabilitation sessions further enrich the experiences of these children.


Beyond the direct impact on the children, Letcee extends its support to caregivers. Regular visits include counselling and support, creating a network that has significantly diminished the stigma attached to disabilities. Additionally, a quarterly support group for parents provides a space for shared experiences and encouragement.


More details on how the funding provided by SMEC South Africa to Letcee will be utilised will be released in 2024.