SMEC is thrilled to announce the successful implementation of a tree planting program in Indonesia, in collaboration with Trees4Trees, a local non-profit organisation.

The tree planting event took place at the Greenland International Industrial Centre (GIIC) in Cikarang, West Java, approximately 52km from the SMEC office in Jakarta. The location was strategically chosen due to its proximity to a Trees4Trees project area planted in 2022, ensuring easy access and protection from potential industrial development.


SMEC employees and local villagers planted a total of 500 trees last 7th of October 2023. A diverse selection of tree species, including teak, acacia, and mahogany, was planted. The choice of species considered community preferences, local land conditions, and seedling availability, featuring a blend of hardwood and fruit trees.


SMEC will continue to collaborate with Trees4Trees in the coming months to monitor the project’s progress and ensure its long-term success.

We are thrilled to partner with SMEC on this tree planting initiative in Indonesia. This partnership is a testament to what can be achieved when businesses and local organisations join forces to make a positive impact. We look forward to seeing these trees flourish and the positive ripple effect they will have on the environment and local communities.
———— Mark Schmidt, Founder of Trees4Trees

SMEC’s tree planting initiative in Indonesia exemplifies the company’s dedication to sustainability, corporate responsibility, and the betterment of local communities. It aligns with SMEC’s CSR priorities and highlights the active involvement of SMEC volunteers in making a significant impact on the environment and the people of Cikarang.

This initiative is a testament to SMEC’s commitment to the environment and the local community. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished. This partnership with Trees4Trees sets the path for a greener and more prosperous future in Indonesia, leaving a lasting legacy of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.
———— Habibie Razak, Regional Manager Indonesia