SMEC will deliver the Adelaide River Off-Stream Water Storage (AROWS) Project Concept Design, increasing water security in the Darwin region.

The largest water infrastructure project in the Territory’s history, AROWS will provide long-term water supply and storage to help meet the projected economic and population demands of the Darwin region.


The innovative solution will utilise a natural basin formation to retain water pumped from the Adelaide River, during seasons of heavy rainfall. To facilitate the water storage, two primary barriers will be built at the lowest sections of the basin. This reservoir will provide environmentally sustainable benefits, requiring no dam infrastructure in the Adelaide River to contain the water.

AROWS is an iconic project for the Northern Territory. I am looking forward to delivering a project of such high technical calibre, as well as seeing the positive impact we will have on the community and future growth of Greater Darwin.
———— Jocelyn Ellero, SMEC’s Darwin Area Manager

At the announcement made on Monday, the Honourable Eva Lawler, NT Minister for Territory Development stated,

“The AROWS project is one of a kind, no other state or territory is securing long term water supply through infrastructure with this degree of innovation and sustainability.

“Water is a key enabler for urban, economic and agricultural growth, and this investment will play a large role in reaching our goal of becoming a $40 billion economy by 2030.

“It is very exciting to have SMEC Australia on board, a highly skilled company who has been operating in the Territory for over a decade.”

SMEC will commence the Concept Design on AROWS, which is the second part of the Australian Government’s Darwin Region Water Supply Program. The plan also comprises the Return to Service (RTS) of Manton Dam project, which will meet the short-term water needs of Territorians.

“SMEC are excited to work with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to deliver this future-shaping, water resilience project,” states Jocelyn.