March 03, 2017

SMEC South Africa Signs New Partnership

More than two million disabled South Africans stand to benefit from a new partnership entered into between SMEC South Africa and the Disability Empowerment Concerns (DEC) Trust, in partnership with the Kapela Holdings Group.

Signed at an official ceremony at SMEC South Africa’s Randburg head office, the agreement will see Kapela Holdings Group manage and channel dividends from the consulting engineering company into six major NGOs catering for disabled people in South Africa.

This forms part of the profit-sharing requirements of SMEC South Africa in terms of its Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) obligations. “A portion of our profits will go to people with disabilities, ranging from blindness to mental health and epilepsy. They will be the direct beneficiaries of our partnership,” CEO Kostas Rontiris commented.

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