August 13, 2019

SMEC supports developing communities around the world

The SMEC Foundation is pleased to announce funding of approximately A$87,500 in support of the following community development projects.

The SMEC Foundation is pleased to announce funding of approximately A$87,500 in support of the following community development projects.

Building Urban Resilience Project – Dhaka, Bangladesh

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Australia (HFHA) this project will improve access to and maintenance of water, sanitation and drainage facilities in slum settlements in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The SMEC Foundation is funding the design and construct of community infrastructure including water reservoirs, toilets, bath house, and drainage for foot paths.

The project will provide approximately 3,250 community members from 650 households with better access to water and hygienic sanitation facilities.

BridgIT Water Foundation – Ethiopia

The BridgIT Water Foundation provides safe drinking water to rural villages and reduces water-borne disease.

In honour of the late Alastair McKendrick, former CFO and Director of SMEC, the McKendrick family and SMEC Foundation are pleased to fund the development of four wells in the Gobe district of Ethiopia, providing safe drinking water to approximately 10,000 people.

The Anganwadi Project (TAP) – India

An “anganwadi” means a ‘courtyard shelter’ and they are used to provide pre-school children with daily meals and lessons in health, hygiene and literacy. The Sydney-based Anganwadi Project (TAP) designs and builds ‘anganwadi’, or pre-schools, in disadvantaged areas of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, India.

The SMEC Foundation is funding the construction of an Anganwadi Centre at Bondalawada, Ananthapuram.

WaterAid WASH Project – Papua New Guinea

WaterAid has established an integrated health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project that aims to increase school retention in young women through improving access to WASH as well as reproductive health knowledge.

The SMEC Foundation is supporting WaterAid Papua New Guinea (PNG) to build WASH facilities at Tubusereia Upper Primary School in PNG’s Central Province. The facilities include four new school latrine stalls for girls, including a menstrual-hygiene friendly stall and an incinerator to discretely dispose of sanitary products. Three boys’ latrines will also be built and a water tank adjacent to the latrines to provide hand-washing facilities.

The school has around 400 students in grades 6-8, ranging from 14 to 19 years of age.

Founded in 2001, the SMEC Foundation aims to deliver the best possible social and development outcomes for individuals and communities in need. To date, the Foundation has donated over A$1.58 million in small-scale grant support to more than 234 projects in the areas of health, education, community development, emergency relief and the environment.

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