August 03, 2018

SMEC to undertake feasibility study for Bakun hydroelectric power plant extension in Malaysia.

SMEC has been engaged by Sarawak Energy to conduct the feasibility study and tender design for an extension of Bakun Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in central Sarawak on the Balui tributary of the Rejang River, Malaysia.

The new power station will have a single 300 MW generator unit that will utilise the redundant 12 m-diameter diversion tunnels of the existing scheme as the new tailrace.

SMEC will review the pre-feasibility study and confirm the development option for the extension. Other services to be provided include a Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study, concept study report, basis of design for civil, electrical and mechanical aspects, tender design report, tender specification and drawings, training of client personnel and generic specification for SCADA, communications, controls and protection.

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