August 04, 2018

Updated Annual Review

As part of the Surbana Jurong Group, we have grown from a leading major infrastructure consultancy specialising in transport, water, urban development and energy, to a global player with a network of specialist partners. Our strengths now lie in our individual or combined infrastructure, urban renewal and management services, with access to additional capital, resources and global expertise.

SMEC has been on a significant journey of transformation and we are pleased to share our updated 2017 Annual Review to reflect our progress. Our updated 2017 Annual Review provides insights into our capabilities, our values and our unique team culture.

SMEC’s strategic growth has also provided new and exciting opportunities for our people, and we continue to invest in their development. Our employees enjoy a consistent flow of significant projects with end-to-end responsibilities, and are motivated by meaningful work.

Additionally, SMEC has also been focused on enhancing governance and systems and strengthening our compliance culture through ongoing training and development. We are committed to meeting high standards of governance, safety and performance and have a zero-tolerance policy against fraud and corruption.

Together, we look forward to delivering more advanced and innovative solutions for our clients, partners and communities.

Read the updated 2017 Annual Review here.

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