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After eight years of collaboration between SMEC and the Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines (AFFLIP), another significant milestone has been reached with the completion of the Mushroom Production Project in the Talomo District of Davao City. Benefiting over 21,000 children across seven schools, this project is a testament to the enduring partnership between SMEC and AFFLIP.

This marks the third joint effort between the organisations, emphasising their commitment to community welfare through education and health initiatives. SMEC’s substantial donations in 2016 and 2021 significantly strengthened AFFLIP’s programs. In 2023, SMEC’s donation was focused on establishing mushroom production units, strategically addressing health and nutrition challenges.


The Mushroom Production Project goes beyond agriculture, aiming to enhance health and nutrition, create sustainable income sources for schools, and align with AFFLIP’s broader mission of fostering learning and community impact. The project’s objectives included establishing mushroom production facilities, generating additional income, supporting the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP), promoting nutritious food habits, and showcasing a sustainable agricultural enterprise.


Cultivating oyster mushrooms using agricultural waste addressed nutrition challenges and emphasised environmental sustainability. SMEC’s support in funding the construction of cropping sheds underscores its commitment to grassroots projects. The donation covered materials, supplies, and labour, with active participation from parents and community members, fostering a sense of community ownership.


The Mushroom Production Project not only signifies a successful partnership but also aligns seamlessly with SMEC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) priorities. By addressing critical issues in health, education, and sustainability, SMEC continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating positive and lasting impacts on the communities it serves.

We are proud that SMEC’s consistent support over the years through AFFLIP has been a source of hope for the communities in Talomo District. SMEC’s commitment, especially during times of crisis like the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlights our dedication to creating sustainable, positive change.
———— Libby Paholski, Chairperson SMEC SEA & Pacific CSR Committee
This project milestone stands as a testament to the enduring collaboration between SMEC and AFFLIP. As the success of the Mushroom Production Project reverberates in the Talomo District, it underscores the impact that this strategic, long-term partnership can have on communities striving for better health, education, and a sustainable future.
———— Alastair Douglas, Chair and Co-Founder AFFLIP


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