Funded by our charity partner, So They Can and SMEC alumni, the Busbridge Family, the project delivers access to safe and quality essential healthcare services at a local clinic.

Located in Baringo, Nakoko Dispensary provides curative and preventive health services to around 445 patients every month, with this number continuing to grow in 2023. A recent assessment of the entire clinic identified the need for a stable electricity supply, including the outpatient and maternity departments.


The crucial infrastructure repairs undertaken in 2023 included changing the lighting in the facility from fluorescent bulbs to LED lights to save power and fix the electrical system including wiring for safety and efficiency. Solar lights and solar batteries were also installed to deliver a stable power supply to the clinic. The improvement works service the entire facility and, more importantly, the Outpatient and Maternity Departments.


With these improvements, a stable electricity supply will assure the safe operation of the Nakoko Dispensary, where staff can provide a consistent standard of care to around 4,500 community members.


About So They Can

So They Can works as a key partner with selected government clinics within AFRICAN communities. The organisation started partnering with the Nakoko Dispensary in January 2022, providing medicines, and consumables and undertook renovations of the maternity ward. As a result, the clinic’s monthly patient numbers have increased by 63%, therefore increasing the demand and dependency on electricity at the dispensary.


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