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Delivering drinking water infrastructure in remote Nepalese villages


BridgIT Water Foundation



Rural populations in developing countries face water scarcity and often lack access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.

The SMEC Foundation is partnering with BridgIT Water Foundation, which helps connect these communities to safe drinking water and reduce waterborne disease. Previous projects have delivered six borewells to remote villages in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh, India, and four wells in the Somali region of Ethiopia. Read more about these projects here.

Addressing lack of water accessibility and availability in Nepal

As a land-locked country with extreme geology, many people in Nepal are forced to travel long distances of up to 4km for drinkable water that is not polluted with human waste integration, or naturally occurring minerals. In 2020, the SMEC Foundation contributed funding to the construction of drinking water infrastructure in the Itapani and Bahunthok villages in Nepal, to improve the health and hygiene of the village residents by providing safe and clean drinking water to all households. Our local teams based in in Nepal will also support the implementation of the project on the ground. Completed in mid-2021 the project has achieved its goal of providing all households with a drinking water tap at the premises, with the infrastructure managed by the community which ensure the sustainability of the community water system.

In Nepal, a gravity fed piped water system is the usual construction method used for the water supply. The clean water source is typically a long distance from and at higher elevation than the mountain villages. The water is collected in a chamber then fed by gravity through a pipeline to the village. A village water supply involves the construction of water storage, water outlets or tap off takes from the pipeline through various points in the village.

Transforming lives and livelihoods

“I no longer need to walk 3km to fetch water. The daily grind made us late for work often. Having a tap at home as brought a lot of difference in our life. In addition, we are having an animal husbandry and a kitchen garden as additional sources of income. It wouldn’t have been possible without SMEC Foundation, KEEP and BridgIT Foundation.”
Rakesh Magar, Daily wage labour, Itapani

Providing drinking water to every household has reduced the strenuous hours and risk incurred by the women and girls of the village who fetch and carry water back along a precarious trail. The successful delivery of this project has benefited the community in many ways, including empowering local women with more time and energy for other pursuits, reducing the risk of water-borne disease, increasing production of vegetables and a resulting rise in potential income.

Dev Pulami, Ward President, Bahunthok “The scarcity of drinking water nearby houses was making our life miserable. We used to suffer from different water diseases especially during the rainy season and this made our children skip school a lot of the time. I would like to thank KEEP, BridgIT and SMEC Foundation on behalf of the villagers and the school committee for providing us with a drinking water facility. We no longer have to spend hours to collect water.”