We are excited to share that SMEC has become a member of the British Dams Society (BDS).

As an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers UK, BDS brings together individuals and companies focused on advancing knowledge across all aspects of dams and reservoirs.


Under the leadership of Sybille Tildsley, SMEC’s team in the United Kingdom is committed to excellence in dam engineering, safety and environmental responsibility. Our partnership with BDS reflects this dedication, providing us with access to valuable resources, networking opportunities and platforms for knowledge sharing. BDS’s activities align seamlessly with SMEC’s goal of promoting technical excellence and environmental sustainability in our projects.


Given that BDS also serves as the UK National Committee of ICOLD (UKCOLD), our involvement opens doors to international collaboration and engagement, allowing SMEC’s UK team to contribute to shaping the future of dam engineering globally.


SMEC is keen to share our expertise with BDS, participate in research and development efforts and collaborate with industry peers to tackle emerging challenges and opportunities in dam engineering and reservoir management. Together with BDS, SMEC aims to make meaningful progress in enhancing the safety, performance and sustainability of dams and reservoirs, both in the UK and worldwide.


Joining the British Dams Society marks a significant milestone for SMEC in the UK. We are thrilled to be part of this esteemed community dedicated to advancing dam engineering expertise. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing with BDS members, we look forward to contributing to the safety, sustainability and innovation within the industry.
———— Sybille Tildsley, Acting Regional Director, Dams & Hydropower (AECA)

SMEC joins the british dam society