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A Nation-First: Digitally Managing Pakistan’s Highways Assets

Project Highlights

  • Delivered a geo-database covering the entire national highway network in Pakistan
  • More than 12,000 km of roads
  • First project of its kind in Pakistan
  • Our Role

    The project solution was delivered entirely in-house. The first phase involved surveying and collecting differential GPS Field Data, photos and video for all assets such as roads, bridges, structures, sign boards, utility lines and buildings.

    Once data collection was complete, our specialists developed an enterprise-level, central geo-database, with a GIS-based mobile application and web-based dashboards. The final solution is a comprehensive Decision Support System (DSS) that enables NHA to monitor and maintain their assets more effectively.

    Existing data was also seamlessly integrated with new data, collectively forming a central information hub for decision makers.

    Project Overview

    Twenty years after completing the six lane Lahore to Islamabad Motorway (now called the M2), the first highway of its kind in Pakistan. SMEC has delivered another nation-first for the National Highway Authority (NHA).

    SMEC, through its subsidiary EGC, partnered with the National Highway Authority (NHA) to conduct a geographic information system (GIS) survey and develop a geo-database covering the entire national highway network in Pakistan, which exceeds 12,000 km of roads.

    In its efforts to become a more self-sufficient and profitable agency, the NHA was challenged by a lack of structured data to optimally manage road infrastructure.Often, data were either not available or scattered across various locations. This presented serious issues in relation to decision-making and the integrity of operations and maintenance.The lack of organized records also encouraged encroachments on Right of Way (ROW) across major roads and highways.

    The Outcomes

    The first of its kind in Pakistan, this project has helped NHA to significantly improve its management of road assets while underpinning more strategic and informed decision making.

    Pakistan’s national highway network runs through beautiful regions that are attractive to the tourism industry. Having more accessible and structured data will enable NHA to identify revenue-generating assets and improve its financial sustainability by potentially attracting investment in road side facilities and resorts.

    Technical Area:
    Geographic Information System (GIS)
    National Highway Authority (NHA)

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