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Arba Minch Sanitation Project

Our Role

SMEC is providing consultancy engineering services to improve sanitation planning and capabilities in Arba Minch, as well as improve the performance of the existing sanitation service chain.

Project Overview

This sanitation project aims to improve public health and living conditions in Arba Minch, and will deliver the following key components:

  • An improved sanitation service chain
  • Improved sanitation planning and capabilities in the Municipality

SMEC has been engaged to:

  • develop capacity programs and training programs
  • facilitate and coordinate short-term training programs
  • facilitate toilet construction and end-products like compost
  • provide support to solid waste service providers, compost producers, and sludge treatment operators
  • establish compost quality monitoring and assurance systems
  • design solid waste transfer stations
  • design fecal sludge treatment plants
  • provide procurement and implementation support to the client.

The project is in accordance with the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework of the One WASH National Program of Ethiopia. The Program brings together four key government ministries and their related sectors to modernise the way water and sanitation services are delivered to communities.

Relevant stakeholders will be engaged in strategic and operational sanitation planning, as well as the delivery of these services within the sanitation service chain.

Technical Area:
Sanitation and Waste Management
Arba Minch Town Municipality

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