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Asset Management Plan Review

Our Role

SMEC assessed and recommended changes to the existing asset management plan associated with the client’s commercial operations. The assessment included a review of the process used to create the asset management plan, review of the key documents associated with asset management strategies and practices and final recommendations to the asset management plan.

As a result, SMEC delivered specific recommendations to enhance the asset management plan in place by the client, a high level action plan to close the identified gaps and alignment to the overall asset management strategy.

Project Overview

SMEC was engaged by a major Canadian natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company to review its asset management plan and provide recommendations to achieve operational excellence. Based in Ontario, the company currently serves approximately 1.4 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in more than 400 communities across northern, southwestern and eastern Ontario.

The objective of the asset management review and recommendations was to successfully demonstrate to the industry regulators the client’s capacity to deliver its services in a reliable, safe and economic way. In addition provide a set of guidelines to help the internal and external stakeholders achieve the business’ key objectives.

Technical Area:
Oil & Gas

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