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Asset Management Training Program

Our Role

SMEC provided the design, development and delivery of a tailored training program to improve the asset management process performance. The primary objective was to increase the key transactional activities in Ellipse, an asset management system, and maintain the data quality in the maintenance module of the system.

An integral and structured approach was used for both the system and processes to achieve effective asset management in six business units: concentrator, mine, port, operational services, lixiviation and crushing, and conveyors. SMEC’s methodology was developed to be executed over four project stages:

Stage 1: Assessment of maintenance processes and systems to identify improvement gaps and training requirements.

Stage 2: Preparation of the Ellipse system for training modules considering identified gaps from the previous phase. The training program and materials for each profile/group were also developed in parallel.

Stage 3: Training sessions for managers, superintendents, planners, trainers and super users completed

Stage 4: Follow up and control of on-site coaching and support to ensure adoption of Ellipse processes and transactional use.

SMEC’s training modules supported the client’s asset management model and increased the operational discipline of key personnel through the alignment of the work management model.

Project Overview

SMEC was awarded a contract by a leading international extraction mining company to enhance its asset management process performance. The client produces copper concentrate from its mine comprising of three open-pit mineral deposits, located 4,400 m above sea level in the far north of Chile. The semi-processed raw material is then shipped to customers for the final stage of its processing.

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