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Baía de Luanda Waterfront Development

The Problem

Severe pollution, traffic congestion and access were all problems in the Luanda Bay. Pollution led to the destruction of many marine species.The main outfall sewers were rendered inoperable due to lack of maintenance, and there was a lack of parking areas, public open spaces and recreational areas. Water circulation was stagnant and water-borne transport had a 15km detour to reach the two bays.

Part of the project scope was to clean up Luanda Bay so that marine life could be normalised. The Bay was dredged to remove polluted sediment, establish conditions for improved tidal circulation and reclaim substantial new land areas for infrastructure, public open spaces and commercial developments.

Our Role

Vela VKE (later SMEC South Africa) was Lead Consultant from inception of the project in 2003 to its completion in 2010.

The Angolan Government was not in a financial position to upgrade infrastructure along the Bay, following a devastating civil war. SMEC assisted in executing a bankable feasibility study for the project and assisted in attracting private financiers to fund the entire project.

The marine works included reclaiming five development parcels on the Ilha de Luanda, a seven-kilometre peninsula, in which organic matter and oil was removed from the seabed and the revetment constructed.

The civil works included a new multi-laned double carriage road with properly designed and modelled signalised intersections and a free-flow interchange along the Bay, new parking facilities, landscaped areas, cleaning and repair of main outfall sewers and the reconstruction of pump stations and a main marine outfall sewer.The commercial development of the reclaimed land parcels is ongoing.

The Outcomes

The Baía de Luanda Waterfront Development has improved traffic congestion and environmental health. The newly reclaimed public areas offer community spaces for sport and recreation, while designated areas of the land parcels created opportunities for the construction of modern commercial, residential and office buildings.
Technical Area:
Civil Infrastructure, Marine Dredging and Reclamation, Environmental Rehabilitation, Urban Renewal
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