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Brewery and Bottling Plant

Our Role

SMEC provided design works for the pumping stations, external stormwater systems and 12 km of water and sewerage pipelines as well as geotechnical, foundation and material investigations.

Due to deep active clay-like soils at the location a 1.5 m blanket fill was imported and compacted to provide suitable founding conditions for the foundations, roads and surface beds. The locations for the heavy machinery and equipment required the foundations to be piled to provide extra support and stability. The lighter structures and wall foundations comprised of block and spread footings.

A pump station housing three 78 kW pumps was constructed in the floodplain of the Bengu River to provide water via a 4.3 km, 250 mm diameter PVCu pipeline. All treated effluent is pumped back to the river in a 150 mm diameter PVCu pipeline.

Site supervision and quality control during construction was handled by the client.

Project Overview

The Luanda brewery and bottling facility manufactures soft drinks and beer and is the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in Africa. The facility is owned by one of the three largest brewers in the world, the SABMiller Group, and is situated on a 20 ha site located approximately 15 km from Cacuaco in Angola.

Technical Area:
Industrial & Manufacturing
Coca-Cola South Africa

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