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Bundelkhand Water Supply Scheme

HAR GHAR JAL – “Water for every household”

The Bundelkhand and Vindhya regions of Uttar Pradesh, India, are some of the most water-scarce areas in the country. Only around 10% of the rural population in Uttar Pradesh have access to piped water supply schemes. Many residents are forced to walk long distances to obtain water that may not be potable, leading to water-borne disease.

As part of the Indian government’s strategic plan to ensure that 90% of the country’s rural population would be provided with piped drinking water by 2022, SMEC and our parent company Surbana Jurong were engaged to prepare Detailed Project Reports on sustainable water supply schemes in Sonbhadra. The second largest district in Uttar Pradesh, Sonbhadra a densely populated area covering more than 1,400 villages. The communities in these areas are impacted by water scarcity and disease caused by drinking ground water contaminated by arsenic and fluoride.

Our Role

Our specialist teams consulted on planning, engineering survey design and detailed reports for the proposed water supply scheme, including analysing the sustainability of the ground or surface water source, water allocation and environmental constraints. The key challenge was to develop recommendations to a high standard of technical excellence while optimising the per capita cost of implementation. This meant leveraging our strong local presence in India as well as our specialist expertise and excellent track record of projects in the water supply, wastewater and sanitation sectors.

Within a tight timeframe, SMEC and Surbana Jurong delivered 16 robust and highly detailed project reports, all of which were approved by the Technical Committee of the State Water and Sanitation Mission.

The Outcomes

Integrated water management is vital for poverty reduction, environmental protection and sustainable economic development. These studies provide implementable engineering design solutions that would supply safe drinking water to all rural households in the area, improving health, development and quality of life outcomes for these communities.

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Water Supply

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