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Burrendong Dam Deep Water Storage Access

Project Overview

In their 2020 Infrastructure Priority List, Infrastructure Australia highlighted the need for investment in long-term water security across the country. SMEC is playing our part on the Burrendong Dam Deep Storage Access project for the Macquarie Valley.

Located approximately 75km South-East of Dubbo in New South Wales (NSW), the Burrendong Dam capacity dropped to as low as 1.5% in February 2020, before being raised to its current level of around 15% with the arrival of much needed rainfall. Water cannot be accessed if the dam level falls to 0%. However, the dam will still have about 20GL of deep-water storage below the intake tower inlet that can only be accessed via pumping.

Our Role

SMEC was engaged by Seymour Whyte Constructions (SWC) to deliver the project for WaterNSW, which will ensure access to water when it’s needed most in one of the NSW regions hit hardest by drought.

SMEC were commissioned to undertake detailed design of a Coffer Dam and ancillary works to create a reservoir around the intake tower into which water can be pumped. Our teams leveraged specialist expertise to recommend an improved location and materials for the Coffer Dam. The design has now been completed and pending water levels, SMEC will continue to provide as-built drawings and construction support if the project progresses to construction.

This critical project will provide access to this deep-water storage to maintain flows to the downstream of Macquarie River catchments. It will help supply water to towns and businesses during harsh droughts and enhance the economic security of the region.

Macquarie Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Technical Area:
Hydropower and Dams
Seymour Whyte

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