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Buso River Hydrological Investigation Project

Our Role

SMEC was appointed by the Papua New Guinea Department of Works to provide consultancy services on the Buso River Bridge Hydrological Investigation.

SMEC’s services included:

  • Determining the Buso River catchment area
  • Assessing rainfall intensities, flood levels and flow velocities
  • Modelling of the river crossing site
  • Identifying the susceptibility of riverbanks to erosion
  • Recommending appropriate upstream and downstream river training works
  • Preparing a report outlining the results and recommendations of the hydrologic investigations.

Project Overview

Following extensive damage to the existing Buso River Bridge during major flooding, the Department of Works proposed the design and construction of a new river crossing comprised of a multi-span structure with intermediate piers.

This project involved the hydrological investigation of the Buso River to help identify optimum site options and provide essential data for the new bridge design.

The proposed new bridge will be designed and constructed to withstand flood waters and upon completion, will provide essential access to services for communities on both sides of the river.

Papua New Guinea
Technical Area:
Department of Works

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