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CAREC Corridor 3 Improvement Project Tajikistan

Our Role

SMEC was engaged as Project Management Consultant (PMC) to undertake the following activities:

  • Review project design standards and specifications, detailed design and drawings
  • Prepare a quality plan detailing quality objectives, duties and functions
  • Ensure all works comply with testing and environmental requirements
  • Quality audits of contractors quality systems and procedures
  • Road safety audit
  • Contract administration
  • Assessment of tenders
  • Supervision of Dusti border crossing post upgrading works
  • Development of road databank

Project Overview

This project comprises highway upgrading, modernisation of border crossing infrastructure facilities and institutional strengthening of road sector operations.

Project scope of works includes:

  • Upgrading the existing two-lane single carriageway to a four-lane dual carriageway highway between West Gate on the outskirts of Dushanbe and Tursunzade
  • Upgrading a two-lane single carriageway between Tursunzade and the Uzbekistan border crossing near Dusti
  • Building improvements at the Dusti border crossing site to include parking for cars, buses and trucks, provision of a covered walkway across the border zone and lighting and power supply upgrades.
  • Modernisation of the Dusti border crossing including equipment upgrades (communication equipment, mobile vehicle scanner and a site weighbridge) to enable 24 hour operation of the post providing improved border security.
  • Strengthening the institutional capacities of road sector operations in the Ministry of Transport and Communications
Technical Area:
Ministry of Transport, Tajikistan

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