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Chalinze to Dodoma Transmission Line Project (Phase I)

Our Role

SMEC has been engaged to provide consultancy services for the feasibility, supervision and management of the project.

SMEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Conceptual design of 400 kV transmission lines, 400 kV Line Bay at Chalinze substation and 400/220 kV Dodoma substation
  • Technical, financial and economic studies
  • Preparation of a detailed Project Control Program
  • Detailed power system analysis
  • Review and update Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)
  • Contract supervision
  • Development and implementation of a training program for TANESCO engineers and technicians.

Project Overview

Funded by the World Bank, the 400 kV Chalinze to Dodoma Transmission Line project forms part of the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited’s (TANESCO) program to evacuate power from new generation projects, extend grid coverage and increase access to electricity throughout Tanzania.

The objectives of the project are: to improve the quality and reliability of TANESCO’s transmission and distribution systems; address unmet electricity demands; and increase the operation and maintenance capacity of TANESCO personnel.

The transmission line will also provide evacuation facilities for major gas power plants located in Dar es Salaam and Mtwara, help to reduce technical losses and improve power supply reliability and availability in Western and Northern regions and strengthen the new interconnection with Kenya.

Technical Area:
Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited

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