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Chapman’s Peak Drive Rehabilitation

Our Role

SMEC was a member of a consortium of contractors, consultants and funders appointed to the Chapman’s Peak Drive Rehabilitation project. Scope or work included: concept, preliminary and detailed design; construction supervision; and contract management.

The project has won numerous national awards for innovative design including the South African Association of Consulting Engineers, South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors, Fulton, and Bentley International Awards.

Project Overview

The Chapman’s Peak Drive Rehabilitation project consists of a 30 year Public Private Partnership (PPP) toll road concession contract.

Due to significant rockfall, the project was undertaken to rehabilitate Chapman’s Peak Drive (CPD) in order to improve safety for all road users.

Rockfall protection measures were handled using state of the art catch-fences and half tunnel excavations with concrete approach canopies.

The design of the catch-fences comprised the development of a detailed Digital Terrain Model (DTM) using aerial and ground surveys. The DTM was used to analyse rockfalls using both 3D modelling software and local 2D modelling.

This provided details of rockfall concentrations to identify the location and extent of the fences, the bounce height of the rocks for the height of the fences, and the energy of the rocks at the fence for the capacity designs.

The 155m half tunnel excavation is located below a 400m high sheer cliff. Extensive rock anchors support the half tunnel crown, with cantilevered concrete canopies protecting the approaches to the half tunnel.

The road pavement was rehabilitated using cold in situ recycling to produce an emulsion treated base with an asphalt overlay.

South Africa
Technical Area:
Western Cape Provincial Administration

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