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Climate Resilient Road Standards

Our Role

SMEC, with responsibility for all consulting activities, worked within the Public Works Department and in association with Vanuatu Meteorology and the Geo‑Hazards Department.

SMEC’s scope of work included:

  • Review of the legal and institutional framework for road sector development
  • Climate risk screening methodology for road transport sector projects
  • Sub-national climate profiles
  • Detailed site specific climate risk and adaptation assessments
  • Climate resilient road standards and construction guidelines
  • Advising on road pavement surface types
  • Coastal protection measures
  • Bridge design
  • Maintenance and scheduling

Project Overview

The objective of this project was to improve the climate resilience of road transport sector development in Vanuatu.

Project scope of work comprised the incorporation of climate risk analysis (based on climate change science and risk information) into the identification, formulation and execution for road transport infrastructure projects, to assist with the development of road standards.

Technical Area:

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