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Copper Mine Maintenance Transformation

Our Role

SMEC was selected to assist with establishing the core processes and common metrics at the copper mine, which included:

  • Updating equipment strategies and project management plans to ensure all common data is reliable and relevant
  • Effective training and coaching in the new system’s core processes to over 1,200 users
  • Change management plan applied to ensure all common data and core processes are supported by one integrated effective system (SAP).

At the end of the contract we delivered:

  • Reliable data and performance transparency to improve cost management across the company’s operations
  • Removed all unnecessary complexity and expense
  • Improved availability of tools and information to meet best practice level
  • Ability to leverage learnings and best practice improvements in all business areas
  • Reduction of non-value added tasks
  • Tasks efficiency improved through better data accessibility.

Project Overview

One of the world’s largest resource company was undertaking a company-wide business transformation to establish common, efficient core processes supported by SAP across more than 100 operating assets.

This initiative included a copper mine in northern Chile, one of the world’s largest producer of copper concentrate and cathodes.

Technical Area:
Resources & Industry