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Cyclone Emergency Recovery Project

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to provide design, contract management and project management services. SMEC’s scope of work included:

  • Inspection, review and data collection on damaged coastal sea walls, roads, culverts, bridges and eco-systems
  • Development of screening criteria for prioritising works
  • Prioritisation of works through rigorous scoring of competing projects
  • Topographic survey and preliminary design of sea walls, roads, culverts and bridges
  • Environmental assessment and attainment of environmental clearances
  • Design of coastal, roads and building infrastructure works
  • Community consultation on proposed works
  • Development of contract and tender documents, pre-qualification of construction contractors, and tendering of works
  • Construction supervision and contract management
  • Provision as built drawings on completion of works
  • Project management

Project Overview

Following the destruction caused by Cyclone Heta in 2004, the World Bank funded the Cyclone Emergency Recovery Project.

The project comprised:

  • Restoration of damaged sea walls and beaches
  • Introduction of eco-system recovery measures
  • Road infrastructure improvements
  • Repairs to Samoa’s damaged regional centres
Technical Area:
The World Bank

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