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Dam Safety & Water Resources Planning Project

Our Role

SMEC assisted the Government of Sri Lanka to improve the framework for water resources investment planning. SMEC provided short, medium and long-term investment plans to develop flood control, irrigation, water supply and tourism within this flood affected basin.

SMEC also undertook a comprehensive modelling program to develop an understanding of the complex water resource management systems within Sri Lanka. These models were then used to maximise the benefits of proposed investments in the agriculture, water supply and hydropower sectors.

SMEC's scope of work included:

  • Development of the National Water Use Master Plan
  • Facilitation of a comprehensive modelling program
  • Development of a Mundeni Aru Basin Development Plan
  • Updating the Mahaweli Water Resources Development Plan
  • Provision of analytical, facilitative and training support to the Government of Sri Lanka

Project Overview

This project aims to achieve long-term sustainability of irrigation assets and improve water resource planning in Sri Lanka.

The project consists of three components:

  • Improving dam safety and operational efficiency
  • Upgrading and modernising the existing hydro-meteorological information system
  • Providing technical assistance for the development of Sri Lanka's national water use master plan (based on environmental and social impact assessments, modelling and stakeholder inputs).

The National Water Use Master Plan evaluated more than a hundred projects ranging from long-term investments, to high priority water projects for immediate implementation.

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