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Dhaka Chittagong Expressway

Our Role

SMEC, as part of a consortium is providing consultancy services for the Dhaka-Chittagong Expressway Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Design. Responsibilities include:

  • Traffic analysis, traffic forecast and traffic modelling
  • Comparative analysis to determine optimum Expressway alignment and design
  • Topographic surveys and engineering studies including hydrology and morphology, geotechnical investigations
  • Preliminary road and bridge designs for both at-grade and elevated expressway options
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Environmental and social assessments
  • Road safety audit
  • Development of road inventory database
  • Detailed design
  • Support during PPP Procurement
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) addressing resettlement plan preparation, social impacts, gender and ethnic minorities and Environmental studies including preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Project Overview

SMEC is the lead of a consortium providing consultancy services for the Dhaka-Chittagong Expressway Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Design Project in Bangladesh.

Over 20,000 motorised vehicles use the highway each day, resulting in serious congestion, and as a result the 220 km journey can take up to 10 hours. Upon completion, the Dhaka-Chittagong Expressway will help to increase trade and reduce congestion on the existing highway.

The project comprises a feasibility study to assess different route alignment options, economic and financial analysis for the follow-on project, and recommendation of the PPP structure, and concept, preliminary and detailed designs.

The overall goal of this Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project is to reduce journey times, improve road safety and accommodate future growth.

Technical Area:

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