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Domestic Maritime Support Project

Our Role

SMEC was engaged as Project Management Unit Consultant for the design and implementation of the Project.

SMEC was responsible for:

  • Project Management of all civil works
  • Construction management
  • Implementation of the Franchise Shipping Scheme (FSS)
  • Evaluating project progress using existing project performance and monitoring systems
  • Preparing a Gender Action Plan (GAP) and implementation schedules
  • Project administration to ensure the project was implemented in accordance with ADB guidelines
  • Public communication plan
  • Comprehensive project reports including FSS operation guidelines, procedures and regulations and FSS quarterly reports
  • Workshops and training

Project Overview

The overall objective of the Domestic Maritime Support Project was to improve the maritime transport sector in the Solomon Islands in order to support economic growth and reduce poverty.

This project comprised the development of 13 wharves and three landing ramps in remote locations and the development and management of a Franchise Shipping Scheme (FSS) to connect remote islands with the capital, Honiara, for passenger travel and goods transport.

The Project, facilitated by the Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the European Union (EU), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) Australia and the New Zealand Agency for Development Aid (NZAID).

Solomon Islands
Technical Area:
Ministry of Infrastructure Development

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