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Domestic Solid Waste Management Centre

Our Role

SMEC was engaged by Qatar’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture to undertake the following scope of works:

  • Post-contract consultancy during the design, supply, construction and completion of the facilities
  • Verification of the contractors’ detailed design
  • Site supervision
  • Inspection and Supervision of ISWM and transfer station construction works
  • Documentation of progress
  • Resolution of contractor queries

Project Overview

Developed under a Design, Build, Operate Contract, the new Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Facilities in Qatar have a capacity of 2,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day.

These facilities comprise: the enhancement and integration of an existing transfer station; and a new domestic solid waste management centre, including entrance area, recycling and sorting area, biological treatment area (for composting biodegradable materials), an incineration plant and a lined solid waste landfill.

The ISWM Facility is supported by four new transfer stations.

Technical Area:
Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture

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