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Eastern Indonesia National Road Improvement Project

Our Role

SMEC was engaged as Project Management Support Consultant to provide support and assistance to the project management unit during project implementation.

SMEC’s scope of work included:

  • Project management and institutional support
  • Establishment and maintenance of financial management information systems
  • Reporting procedures
  • Monitoring the performance of the supervision consultant
  • Establishment of anti-corruption measures
  • Monitoring of procurement activities
  • Support and assistance in the implementation of environmental and social safeguards.

Project Overview

The Eastern Indonesia National Road Improvement Project (EINRIP) is supporting major national road and bridge improvements which will promote economic and social development in eastern Indonesia.

The Project covers a total of 4,300 km of roads, of which approximately 500 km of roads and 14 steel truss bridges require improvement works. The major focus is on roads which were provincial or non-status roads and have recently been reclassified as National roads.

The objective of the Project is to improve these roads and truss bridges in order to provide acceptable standards of service and accessibility capable of supporting local and regional economic development.

Technical Area:
Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing

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