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Enhanced Condition Assessment Program

Project Overview

Water utility operations are an essential service with clear and legislated commitments to Governments and the community. There are three pillars to the program delivery that are central to ensuring our clients meet their obligations for the safe, secure and efficient delivery of services.

The value of ECAP is its ability to draw these three pillars together, delivering prudent and efficient services, securing operational excellence and meeting community demand maximising benefit for the customer.

Prudent and Efficient

Having a long-term view of investment and improvements of assets is crucial to the delivering reliable and affordable water supply. By increasing asset knowledge, utility operators are better placed to make data led decisions to reduce risk and increase reliability.

Customer Centric

Optimising operational and financial outcomes has a direct impact on the safe and secure supply of water to the community into the future. By proactively managing assets to avoid failures and keep water reservoirs online by using ROV technology for inspections, Urban Utilities has been able to maintain continual supply of safe drinking water without disruption during ECAP activities.

Operational Excellence

Improving operational safety, standards and efficiencies improves regulatory compliance and adds value by utilising risk-based evaluation to prioritise expenditure and improve asset life cycles.

Our Role

SMEC has proven expertise in supporting water distributors and retailers to deliver quality and reliable water and sewerage services to their customers. Over the past decade SMEC has been working with Urban Utilities in Queensland, Australia, with the last five years focused on developing an Enhanced Condition Assessment Program (ECAP).

ECAP has delivered outstanding results, allowing Urban Utilities to prioritise its maintenance and capital works programs based on risk and asset intelligence, driving better investment decisions and value for money for customers across the lifecycle of their assets.

Project innovation - SMEC Asset Manager (SAM)

We developed the SMEC Asset Manager (SAM) to enable the speedy collection and analysis of inventory and condition assessment data via the cloud. Identifying the asset, its location and when it needs to be repaired or replaced is a vital aspect in realising the potential improvements from ECAP. The system is configured to allow for multiple connection types: desktop, mobile or web-based and all connect to one another. This can be configured to run within a client’s environment (LAN/WAN).

SAM has been effectively utilised on ECAP and interfaces with Urban Utilities’ enterprise solution to facilitate cost-effective asset data identification and analysis to inform planning, design and operational decisions. Using SAM, SMEC has helped guide Urban Utilities’ asset policy and has assessed more than 50,000 assets.

Technical Area:
Water Utility Management
Urban Utilities

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