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Environmental & Social Impact Assessment for Water Intake

Our Role

SMEC undertook an independent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the new intake and the bulk water infrastructure to recommend requisite environmental and social mitigation measures.

The ESIA comprised:

  • A detailed, diagnostic Environmental and Social Impact Assessment that targets project-specific issues
  • An Environmental and Social Management Plan, which will include a Monitoring Plan
  • A Resettlement Livelihood Restoration / Compensation Action Plan, which will includes a Conflict Management Plan.

Project Overview

Blantyre is the largest city and commercial capital of Malawi. Approximately 85% of Blantyre’s population obtain their daily water requirements from the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) supply system, while the remainder rely on alternative water sources.

In 2011, in view of the need for increased water production, the Government of Malawi undertook feasibility studies and preliminary designs for a new intake on Shire River and bulk water infrastructure, which will provide for Blantyre’s water needs up to the year 2035. The project has since progressed to detailed design.

The project’s bulk water infrastructure works include:

  • A new intake on the Shire River
  • Raw water pumping and pipeline to Walkers Ferry Water Treatment Works
  • Treated water pump station at the treatment works
  • Additional reservoir and pump station at Chileka
  • Service reservoirs, transfer pump stations, and pipelines to connect to reservoirs within Blantyre

SMEC was awarded a consultancy contract to undertake an independent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). The ESIA identified and assess potential effects on the full range of environmental, social, cultural and health receptors that may be impacted during all phases of the project; and define mitigating measures to prevent (or reduce) these impacts.

Technical Area:
The Government of Malawi

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