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Erosion and Watershed Management Project

Our Role

SMEC is providing consultancy services for the design and supervision of 19 erosion control intervention sites in Anambra State, one the most densely populated and heavily affected land degradation areas.

The measures adopted during the design, construction and commissioning of this project will help to mitigate the adverse effect of gully erosion in the region.

Project Overview

Erosion is a recurring issue in Nigeria. Rapidly expanding valleys have resulted in extensive damage to infrastructure including roads, ports, reservoirs, houses and structures. These widening gullies and basins have exacerbated downstream erosion.

The Government of Nigeria is implementing the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) to address the severity of erosion and reduce its impact on the Nigerian landscape.

This project comprises the design and construction supervision of erosion control sites.

Technical Area:
The Government of Nigeria

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