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Fiji Police Training Project

Our Role

SMEC was engaged to provide a training and development specialist to assist in the mid-term review of the Fiji Police Training Project.

SMEC’s services included:

  • Analysis of training courses
  • Review of training approaches
  • Assessment of curriculum design

Project Overview

The objective of the three year Fiji Police Training Project was to provide a more effective training function in order to upgrade professional skills throughout the Fiji Police Service.

The first phase of the project focused on institutional strengthening and restructuring to establish a more effective training function.

The second phase delivered improved training and on-going support to project management, including the introduction of specialised training.

Key project outcomes included:

  • Creation of a training infrastructure at the Fiji Police Academy
  • Development of a strategic plan for police training
  • Enhancement of human resource management and capacity through a comprehensive review of the organisational structure and work practices
Technical Area:
Education Governance & Government Advisory

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