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Fiji Rural Electrification Project

Our Role

SMEC provided technical assistance to establish a development strategy and investment plan for the project.

SMEC’s services included:

  • Assessing the social, institutional and environmental aspects of rural electrification
  • Recommending appropriate development strategies
  • Preparing a feasibility study
  • Developing a rural electrification project suitable for financing
  • Assessing the project's long-term sustainability

Project Overview

The overall objective of the Rural Electrification Project was to provide increased access to a quality power supply throughout the country.

Bringing electricity to rural areas is key to promoting rural development. Providing affordable energy to rural villages will help to lower environmental and health risks through improved living conditions and increased access to social services and ultimately help boost economic development.

The project scope of work included:

  • Optimising an extension of the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) power grid
  • Building new diesel-power capacity
  • Providing a renewable energy supply including micro-hydropower, biomass, solar photovoltaic and hybrid systems
Technical Area:
Fiji Electricity Authority

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