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Gautrain – Final Feasibility Study of the System Extensions Project

The Problem

A comprehensive financial, economic and operational feasibility study was undertaken for possible new rapid rail links and/or extensions to the existing Gautrain system by, amongst others, identifying existing and future growth points in the Province of Gauteng, and determining demand for public transport for the next 25 years.

Our Role

SMEC South Africa was the Project Leader and provided expertise in transport demand modelling and planning, operations, infrastructure, routes, station nodes and costing.

Project Overview

The Gauteng Provincial Government, acting through the MEC of the Public Transport, Roads and Works, identified the need to extend the rapid rail network that is based on the Gautrain Rapid Rail System in the Gauteng province. This extension is to be part of implementing the Gauteng’s Province’s 25 year Gauteng Infrastructure Transport Master Plan (GITMP25). The GMA was assigned the responsibility to act as the Institution for the purposes of developing the requisite feasibility studies to give effect to the rapid rail extensions envisaged in GITMP25, as a function related to a transport service.

SMEC South Africa was the Project Leader and Technical Advisors for the Transaction Advisor consortium to conduct the feasibility study (FS). The FS included a needs analysis, solutions options, due diligence, value, economic evaluation and procurement plan.

The duration of the project is two years (October 2014 - March 2017).

Digital and Innovation

SMEC South Africa developed the forecasting multi-modal Demand Model for the proposed Extended Gautrain System using Emme Macro Demand Modelling software. Inputs included private and public transport networks (existing and future), existing and future land uses by planning zone, household travel surveys, public transport operational characteristics by mode, fares, and travel costs.

Key Benefits

Should the project be implemented the extension would be in line with the Province's strategic vision of promoting the use of public transport, improving long-term sustainable economic growth in the Province, job creation and skills development, and alleviating traffic congestion in Gauteng.

South Africa
Technical Area:
Gautrain Management Agency (GMA)

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