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Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project

Our Role

SMEC’s services includes; detailed design, procurement and construction supervision of civil and associated works on the Bus Rapid Transit route.

SMEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Field Surveys and Investigations
  • Design Review and Detailed Design Framework
  • Detailed Design of the road corridor, BRT elevated section and stations, and the BRT Terminal and Depot in Gazipur
  • PPP Concept Design for the BRT Airport Terminal
  • Detailed Design for Municipal Infrastructures Improvement
  • Identification and relocation of utilities
  • Procurement
  • Implementation Plan (including traffic management during construction)
  • Construction supervision of civil works

Project Overview

The Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project involves the construction of a 20 km Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor that will link the Airport Rail Station Terminal to the Gazipur Rail Station Terminal and is focused on delivering a more efficient and sustainable Urban Transport System in Greater Dhaka, Bangladesh (and its surrounding areas).

The works, constructed under several packages include:

  • 15 km of busway
  • 25 BRT stations
  • A bus depot
  • Two rail terminals
  • Upgrading approximately 48 km of roadway

The aim of this project is to support the development of the BRT route through the detailed design, procurement and construction supervision of the civil works and associated Intelligent Transport System (ITS) traffic signal equipment for the route, adjacent areas and feeder routes.

Technical Area:

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